How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon

How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon? [Apply Now 2024]

Laptops are now vital in a society where technology is everywhere. A laptop can provide unlimited opportunities for students, professionals, and those seeking academic excellence, job success, or digital connectivity. How about a laptop for free? Discover how to get a free laptop from Amazon and learn the strategies, programs, and opportunities to make this tech dream a reality.

How to Get a Free Laptop from Amazon?

Free Laptop from Amazon

Free laptops from Amazon may seem impossible, but they’re possible. Let’s check out some strategies for increasing your Amazon laptop giveaway chances.

Explore Amazon Giveaways

Amazon offers free laptops from vendors, brands, and individuals. Find these giveaways:

  • Visit Amazon’s Giveaway page.
  • Search for “laptop giveaways” or “free laptop.”
  • Explore the findings and enter the giveaways you like.
  • Read each giveaway’s guidelines to increase your chances of winning.

Participate in Amazon Reviewer Programs

Amazon Vine is an exclusive program that gives trusted reviewers free products, including laptops, for honest and detailed evaluations. To join Amazon Vine:

  • Provide high-quality, helpful Amazon reviews to build credibility.
  • Wait for an Amazon Vine invitation.
  • Follow the instructions to obtain free products for review if invited.

Utilize Cashback and Rewards Programs

Consider the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card if you purchase there often. Get cashback on all Amazon purchases with this credit card. Cashback can eventually pay for a laptop.

The Amazon Trade-In Program accepts cellphones and tablets for gift cards. Laptops and other items can be purchased using Amazon gift cards.

Keep an Eye on Contests and Sweepstakes

Amazon runs contests and giveaways on Twitter and Instagram. Follow their accounts and follow the entry requirements to participate.

Many websites and social media pages partner with Amazon to hold laptop contests and sweepstakes. These contests are simple to enter; follow the instructions and provide relevant information.

Take advantage of student discounts

Amazon Student Prime offers a 6-month free trial of Amazon Prime for students. During this trial, you’ll get free two-day shipping, Amazon Prime Video, and student discounts on laptops and other products.

After joining Amazon Student Prime, check the “Student Deals” area for discounted computers. Amazon frequently offers student discounts, making laptops more accessible.

Organizations that Offer Amazon Free Laptop For Students

Students using laptop

Amazon gives several free computers, but other groups and programs give them away. Some such organizations are:

One Laptop per Child (OLPC): The non-profit OLPC provides low-cost computers to children in underdeveloped countries. They give poor pupils laptops with government and NGO support.

Computers with Causes: This charity donates used laptops and PCs to needy people and organizations. They give low-income families and students reconditioned laptops.

Local Non-profits and Charities: Many charities give impoverished people and students free laptops. See if local groups give similar aid.

What Kind of Laptop Will You Get From Amazon?

Amazon may give you a free laptop, depending on the giveaway, contest, or program. The brand and type of the laptop you receive may be out of your control.

Giveaway and contest laptops vary in specs and value. Some are affordable, while others are expensive. Seize chances that fit your requirements and interests.

In Amazon review programs, you may obtain laptops of different manufacturers and specs. Provide honest product reviews based on your experience.

Who Can Apply for the Free Laptop Scheme?

Different programs or opportunities have additional eligibility requirements for free laptops. However, here’s a typical participant list:

  • Creditworthiness and geography may determine eligibility for cashback and rewards programs like the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card.
  • Most include age or residency limits. Before participating, read the rules and guidelines.
  • Anyone can join the Amazon Associates Program; however, commissions depend on affiliate link sales.
  • Students email addresses can subscribe to Amazon Student Prime. Students can join this program.
  • Free laptop programs have different requirements. Some target low-income families or students, while others are more inclusive.
  • Check each opportunity’s conditions and restrictions to guarantee eligibility.


Does Amazon offer free laptops?

Amazon promotions, sweepstakes, reviewers, and affiliate programs can get you a free laptop. To win or earn a free laptop, you must be realistic about the time and work involved.

Are there any risks or scams with these methods?

Scams and fraud exist online, yet most of these tactics are lawful. Be careful, research, and don’t give out personal or financial information to strangers.

Free laptops usually arrive in what timeframe?

Free laptops arrive at different times. Giveaways and contests can award a laptop instantaneously. Other options, like rebates or affiliate schemes, may take months.

Are these opportunities open to non-US residents?

These opportunities are available to inhabitants of many countries, not just the US. However, eligibility and availability may vary by region, so check each method’s restrictions.

Are there any Amazon alternatives for free laptops?

Yes, non-profits, charities, and government programs for the underprivileged offer free computers. Find local organizations that offer free computers to eligible participants.


Amazon’s promotions, reviewer programs, reward choices, sweepstakes, and affiliate programs offer legitimate methods to win a free laptop. Other options include non-profits that give computers to people in need.

It’s essential to be realistic about these prospects and avoid scams. With perseverance and luck, you may win a free laptop from Amazon. 

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