Black Spot on iPhone Camera

Black Spot on iPhone Camera [Reason & Solution 2024]

If you use your iPhone often, you may have encountered an annoying problem like black spots on your camera. You may ask what causes and how to remove these strange imperfections from your images and videos. Learn how to fix the Black Spot on iPhone Camera. Discover practical ways to clean the lens, fix scratches, and employ software solutions.

Reasons Behind Black Spot on iPhone Camera

Dust and Dirt Buildup

Dust and dirt are common causes of iPhone camera black spots. The lens can collect small particles over time, reducing photo quality and generating black spots. Dust can get into the camera’s internals, causing spots.

Scratched Camera Lens

Black spots may also result from iPhone camera lens damage. Scratches reduce photo clarity and cause dark areas. Scratches block light entering the camera lens, distorting photos.

Internal Camera Issues

In some cases, the issue is with the camera itself. Black spots on images might be caused by pixel or sensor faults. Some of these difficulties may require complex solutions and professional help.

How to Identify the Cause of Black Spot on Your iPhone Camera?

Visually inspect

First, examine your iPhone’s camera lens. Check for visible dust, dirt, and scratches. These faults are easier to identify with a flashlight. To thoroughly inspect the lens, try several angles and lighting.

Test Different Camera Modes

Check if the black dots appear in photo, video, and portrait modes. If the issue is mode-specific, it may be software. The spots may be hardware-related if they occur consistently.

Use Third-Party Camera App

Download and utilize a third-party camera app to check if the default app is the issue. If the spots persist, it’s likely a hardware issue; otherwise, software-based solutions may work.

How to Fix Black Spots on iPhone Camera

Cleaning the Camera Lens

Materials Required

  • A microfiber cloth and lens cleaning solution (optional)

Follow Steps

  • Turn off your iPhone to avoid accidental touches and flashlight glare.
  •  Remove loose particles from the camera lens with a microfiber cloth. To get a good clean, move the cloth in a circle.
  •  Apply a little lens cleaning solution to the cloth for tough areas. Make sure the solution works with electronics.
  •  Check your iPhone’s dark areas after turning it on. If necessary, repeat.

DIY Scratch Removal

Materials Required

  • Cotton swab and toothpaste

Follow Steps

  • Apply a little toothpaste to the camera lens scratch. Use non-abrasive toothpaste.
  •  Circularly rub toothpaste with a cotton swab. Avoid undue pressure.
  •  Use a dry cloth to remove toothpaste. The lens should have fewer scratches and dark spots.
  •  Repeat or seek professional help for deep scratches.

Software Solutions

Update iOS

  • Updates to your iPhone’s OS can fix various software issues—check and install updates under Settings > General > Software Update. Camera bug patches may eliminate black areas.
Update iOS

Reset camera settings

  • Settings > Camera.
  •  Scroll down to “Reset Settings.”
  •  Check the black spots after confirming the activity.
  •  After a reset, customize your camera settings.

Factory reset

  • Try a factory reset if nothing works. First, backup your files to iCloud or iTunes. Factory resets can fix software issues, but data loss makes them a last resort.

Professional Fix

  • After trying these methods, professional help may be needed if the black spots stay the same. To diagnose and fix iPhone camera hardware issues, contact Apple Support or an authorized service center. Professionals may analyze and solve internal issues more thoroughly.

Preventing Future Dark Spot on iPhone Camera

Protective Case

Buy a good iPhone case to prevent scratches and dust on the camera lens. Choose a camera module-protecting case.

Avoid Pocket Storage

Keeping your iPhone in your pocket alongside keys or other abrasives can harm the camera lens. Keep your phone in a pouch to avoid harm.

Regular Maintenance

Schedule iPhone camera lens cleaning as part of device maintenance. A fast microfiber cloth wipe prevents dust and debris buildup, optimizing camera performance.


Can software updates fix black spots on my iPhone camera?

Your iOS update can fix software-related camera issues. If the issue remains, do further troubleshooting or hire a pro.

Is a black circle on my iPhone camera a hardware problem?

Black circles might signify hardware and software faults. Clean the lens, correct the software, and seek professionals for a proper diagnosis.

Can I use any cleaning solution on my iPhone camera lens?

A gentle lens cleaner or non-abrasive toothpaste for persistent spots is recommended. Resist strong chemicals that could harm lens coating.

Why do black spots appear in certain camera modes?

Mode-specific black dots may represent software bugs. Use a third-party camera app or reset camera settings to isolate the issue and rule out software issues.


You can fix and prevent iPhone camera black spots with the appropriate information and methods. From basic cleaning to complex solutions, finding and fixing the reason is crucial. Maintain your iPhone camera to capture flawless photographs and memories. Regular maintenance and careful treatment can preserve your iPhone’s camera.

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