How to Sign Up Phone Number for Spam Calls and Texts

How to Sign Up Phone Number for Spam Calls and Texts 2024

If you want to prank or make fun of your friends with spam calls sign up. There are a lot of methods to anonymously sign someone up for spam calls. But I am giving you easy and popular methods to prank someone special for you and spread happiness with them. Learn how to sign up phone number for spam calls and texts with quick and easy methods, including telemarketing sign up, Posting ads online, and using websites for Spam calls and texts.  

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure that this information is only for educational purposes. I’m not responsible if you use it for any illegal activity, which may create serious trouble for you.

How to Sign up Phone Number for Spam Calls and Texts

Here are four easy methods to sign up phone number for spam texts or calls to prank someone.

Method 1: Sign Up for Telemarketing Calls on social media.

Method 2: Spam a Phone Number Via Posting Ads Online.

Method 3: Online Surveys and Forms Registration For Spam Calls Sign Up.

Method 4: Anonymously Sign Someone Up For Spam Calls and Texts Using different Websites.

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Read detailed methods to sign someone up for spam calls without delay. It’s prank time, so enjoy every step by following these methods.

Method 1. Sign Up for Telemarketing Calls

You can sign up for telemarketer calls by dialing 800, 888, or 900 from your friend’s phone. The system stores your number once you contact any of them, and telemarketing calls will start. Some free product and service trials require a valid email and phone number, which you can add.

Method 2. How to Spam a Phone Number Via Posting Ads Online

This is another shocking way to get spam calls to prank someone. They will get a lot of scam calls if you post that phone number (whom you want to spam call) on a dating site.

You can also post an ad on Facebook, Craigslist, eBay, Temu, or Amazon with a fantastic deal. A trendy service or product that many people want will also quickly get a lot of Robocalls.

Method 3. Online Surveys and Forms Registration For Spam Call Sign Up

For many reasons, like gathering feedback or conducting market research, filling out online surveys and forms is so popular. If you post that number on online survey websites, gambling deals, charity support, or others, they will get spam calls.

Method 4. How to Sign Someone Up for Spam Calls using Websites

The most excellent method, always in your hands, is to disturb your friends with calls and bulk text messages using prank websites.

You can use these websites by investing a little money to have fun with your friends. Below, I mentioned some of the popular websites in detail.

Sign Up For Spam Calls

Sign Up For Spam Calls

After much research, I found the most popular and accessible website for spam calls: Blowupthephone.


You can prank your friends using funny texts and calls on this website. This site has two main pranks: texts and calls. You can send your friends 100 pre-written jokes in prank texts. You can also make Prank Calls to the number provided using a new number each time.

This site restricts you to one prank per number daily to discourage overuse. A $2.99 minimum charge applies per call. The maximum prank cost for a single number is $7.75 for 100 SMS.

Sign Up Phone Number For Spam Texts

Below, I discussed the five most famous websites for spam texts.

1. lets you send themed text messages to your friends for a fun prank. Its user-friendly interface allows you to choose from text prank themes and send up to 100 texts to a target within a set time.

The service charges a fixed rate of 6¢ per SMS plus a processing fee. The website limits you to one daily prank for each targeted phone number to discourage overuse and promote responsible use.


It is a popular prank messaging service that makes friends laugh. This application lets you send theme-based text messages to the destination, making it amusing and enjoyable. You can pay a set rate of 6¢ per SMS and a 50¢ processing fee, and only $6.50 will spent pranking one number.


Send Anonymous SMS is an established data center-based service that sends free, anonymous text messages. Over 100,000 daily messages make it the world’s largest and most trusted anonymous SMS platform. You can sign up for spam texts and send anonymous SMS messages to protect your identity.

This feature lets you express love, perform harmless pranks on friends, and anonymize warnings or information. When your SMS service is low on credit, Send Anonymous SMS enables you to keep communicating anonymously.


AutoSender on is an excellent texting App for prank. You can schedule and send text or picture messages in advance for casual use. The App enables more flexibility and control when using a self-selected virtual phone number (Private Number).

You can sign up for a US or Canadian virtual number with your Apple ID, Gmail, or device phone number. To protect your personal information, you can send automated or manual text messaging. AutoSender is ideal for sending romantic SMS or e-cards to someone special.


Communication tool EZ Texting makes one-to-one and one-to-many connections easy. This technology lets you have authentic conversations or do pranks with your friends and family members.

Its interface makes it simple to use. With over 210,000 customers, it is the leading SMS service for everyone. The platform’s popularity indicates its professional texting and marketing efficiency.


How to spam a phone number on Android? 

Various apps on the Android platform allow you to sign up your phone number for spam calls and texts.

How do I get spam from calling my phone? 

You can use call-blocking apps or enable features on your phone to prevent spam calls from reaching your device.

Does the iPhone have a spam call blocker? 

Yes, the iPhone has a built-in spam call blocker feature that can help block unwanted calls.

How to get a phone number for free? 

Some online services and apps provide free phone numbers for temporary or limited use.

How to avoid unwanted calls?

You can avoid unwanted calls by utilizing call-blocking features on your phone, registering your number on the Do Not Call Registry, and being cautious about sharing your phone number with unknown sources.


One of the worst ways to prank friends and family is to share phone data with telemarketers. They will receive a lot of unwanted messages and calls. It would be best if you acted responsibly after getting this information. I hope you found what you needed.

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