What is com.sec.android.easymover.agent

What is com.sec.android.easymover.agent? [Quick Guide 2024]

Have you ever wondered what “com.sec.android.easymover.agent” means on your Android device? This article will explain this mysterious software component’s purpose, functionality, and impact on Android. Let’s explore com.sec.android.easymover.agent and why it’s on your smartphone.

What is com.sec.android.easymover.agent?

This app transfers data and settings between Android devices, mostly Samsung ones. It transfers data, contacts, apps, and other important data from an old Samsung mobile to a new one.

Why is it on Your Device?

Samsung phone

Samsung phones and tablets usually come pre-installed with com.sec.android.easymover.agent. Upgrading your device is smooth with it. This agent streamlines data transfer and program installation by removing the need to work manually.

How Does it Work?

  • Data Transfer: It primarily transfers data between devices. It contains contacts, messages, phone logs, images, videos, and more. The agent effectively transfers data using Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth, and USB.
  • App Migration: The agent can migrate apps from your old smartphone to the new one, as well as data. It finds your old apps and helps you install them on the new ones. You can save time if your outdated devices have many apps.
  • Settings Transfer: com.sec.android.easymover.agent transfers device settings as well as data and apps. This includes Wi-Fi, display, and sound options. It makes your new Samsung device seem comfortable and personalized right away.

User-Friendly Interface

Even for techies, It usually includes step-by-step instructions to simplify migration. During Samsung device setup, you’ll be asked to use this agent to transfer data. After you accept, it will provide clear, simple instructions.

Data Privacy and Security

You may worry about data security during transfer. Samsung addressed this issue:

  • Data encryption: It protects data transfer. This keeps data secure and unreadable even if intercepted during migration.
  • Permission Control: The agent needs your permission to view old device data. This lets you choose what data is shared and exclude it.
  • No Data Storage: This App doesn’t save data. It transfers data, not stores it. After migration, your data is only on your new device, protecting your privacy.

When to Use com.sec.android.easymover.agent

This app is mainly useful when switching Samsung devices. Com.sec.android.easymover.agent may be useful in these situations:

  • Upgrading Your Device: The agent facilitates migrating data, apps, and settings from your old Samsung phone or tablet to your new one.
  • Replacement: If you lose or steal your Samsung device and get a new one, the com.sec.android.easymover.agent can help you restore your data swiftly.
  • Factory Reset or Device Wipe: After a factory reset or device wipe, the agent can restore your data. This preserves vital information.
  • Sharing Data: The agent can transfer images and documents between Samsung devices, such as to a friend or family member’s device.

How to Use com.sec.android.easymover.agent?

Using com.sec.android.easymover.agent is simple. Use this tool effectively:

  • Set Up Your New Device: Run the initial setup instructions on your new Samsung device to use this app for data transfer.
  • Connect devices: Turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi on existing and new devices. The agent will help you connect. This stage requires placing devices together.
  • Choose What to Transfer: A list of data and apps will appear. Choose the items to move to your new device.
  • Start Transferring: Confirm and transfer after selection. How much data you move determines the time.
  • Complete configuration: After the transfer, your new device’s final configuration will be guided. Your data and apps will be there so that you may use your new Samsung mobile with your settings.

Uninstalling com.sec.android.easymover.agent

Uninstalling com.sec.android.easymover.agent

This app is useful during Samsung device setup, but you may wonder if you should maintain it. Uninstall it when no longer needed. So how:

  • Launch Samsung’s “Settings” app.
  • Scroll down to “Apps” or “Applications” and tap it.
  • Select “All Apps.” from the app list. This shows all your apps.
  • Locate com.sec.android.easymover.agent, Scroll through apps to find it.
  • Tap com.sec.android.easymover.agent to uninstall. Please remove it from your device using the on-screen directions.

Suppose you uninstall com.sec.android.easymover.agent, you can’t utilize it for future data transfers, so be sure.


Does Com.sec.android.easymover.agent store my data after the transfer?

It transfers data, not stores it. For privacy, only your new device stores your data.

Can I use Com.sec.android.easymover.agent on non-Samsung Android devices?

As a Samsung product, the app may only run on Samsung devices.


The useful Com.sec.android.easymover.agent streamlines Samsung device data, app, and setting transfers. Upgrades to smartphones and tablets are easy to use. Some users uninstall it after setup, yet it’s useful for easy data transfer.

To assist you in maximizing com.sec.android.easymover.agent during device transitions, this article clarifies its purpose and functionality.

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