Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards

Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards? [Fixed 2024]

Our daily lives depend on smartphones in the digital age. They entertain, inform, and connect us. Sometimes, we encounter strange issues, and one of the most puzzling is when your phone charges backwards. After plugging it in, the battery percentage drops. Why is my phone charging backwards? Learn the causes and solutions to reversed charging on your phone.

Why Is My Phone Charging Backwards?

Before finding solutions, you must understand the problem. Backward charging drains your phone’s power. It can be irritating and drain your phone’s battery faster than before you connected it.

Reasons Why Is My iPhone Charging Backwards?

phone showing battery status

Now, let’s analyze the reasons for this issue.

Faulty Charger or Cable

A defective charger or cable is a common cause of iPhone charging backwards. If your charger or cable is damaged or incompatible, it may need to deliver enough power to charge your phone. Your phone may lose power instead of gaining it.

Software Glitches

Software issues can cause your phone to display an inaccurate charging status. If your phone is charging properly, the software may not show the battery percentage. Your phone may be charging backward.

Background Apps and Processes

Background apps and processes might drain your phone’s battery while charging. If your phone uses resource-intensive apps, it may need help charging or lose battery.


One common problem that might arise during the charging process of a mobile device is overheating. To prevent damage, your phone may delay or stop charging when extremely hot. It may look like your phone is charging backward.

Battery Health

Your phone’s battery health affects charging. Lithium-ion batteries lose capacity over time. Old, worn batteries may struggle to hold a charge, causing backward charging.

Faulty Hardware

Hardware defects may cause the problem, not the charger, cable, or software. A defective charging port, battery, or other internal components can cause charging issues.

How to Fix Backward Charging Issues?

After understanding the causes of reverse charging, let’s discuss solutions.

Check Your Charger and Cable

faulty cable in hand

Check your charger and cable. Check for worn wires, bent connectors, and loose connections. If problems arise, replace them with a high-quality phone charger and cord.

Reboot Your Phone

Mobile reboots are simple but effective. If your device’s software is glitchy, restarting it may fix the backward charging issue. To restart your phone:

  • Hold the power button.
  • Click “Restart” when options display.
  • Wait for the phone to reboot.

Update Your Software

Outdated software can cause charging troubles. Keep your phone’s OS updated. Check software updates:

  • Go to phone settings.
  • Scroll down to “Software Update” or “System Updates.”
  • Install updates using the on-screen directions.

Manage Background Apps

Steps to prevent background apps and processes from draining your battery when charging:

  • To close background apps on most phones, tap the square or recent apps button and swipe away any unneeded apps.
  • In your phone’s settings, choose “Apps” or “Applications” and find power-hungry apps. Disable or remove to save power.

Prevent Overheating

Tips to prevent phone overheating during charging:

  • Many cases trap heat, overheating the device. Removing the case improves heat dissipation.
  • Playing games or watching videos while charging might cause heat, so avoid it.

Monitor Battery Health

Battery Health on mobile

Battery health monitoring and maintenance:

  • Check battery health: Smartphones may feature battery health tools. Check your phone’s battery capacity by going to Settings > “Battery” or “Battery Health”.
  • Avoid excessive temperatures: Heat and cold can damage batteries. Consider keeping your phone inside the specified temperature range.

Seek Professional Help

If your phone still charges backward after doing all the above, it may be a hardware issue. In this instance, expert help is recommended. Contact your phone’s manufacturer for warranty issues or a trusted technician for hardware testing and repair.

Additional Tips to Prevent Reverse Charging

Reverse charging can be fixed with the following solutions, but it’s always best to take precautions.

  • Regular Maintenance: Handle your charging cable and adapter gently.
  • Clean Your Charging Port: To avoid debris, clean your phone’s charging port regularly.
  • Stay Updated: To get the latest bug fixes and enhancements, update your phone’s firmware.
  • Use Official Accessories: When feasible, use your phone’s official charging accessories.
  • Avoid Untrusted Sources: Avoid third-party apps, especially those offering charge fixes. Use approved app stores to download.


How do I stop my Android from reverse charging?

To prevent Android reverse charging and avoid third-party accessories and broken connections, use a high-quality, compatible charger and cable.

Why is my phone charging but decreasing?

A faulty cable, incompatible charger, or battery health issues may cause your phone to charge but decrease. Investigate these elements to fix it.

Does reverse charging affect battery life?

Reverse charging can shorten battery life if ignored. Identifying and fixing the root causes is crucial to phone battery health.

How do I turn off reverse charging?

Check your Android’s settings and turn off USB audio routing to disable reverse charging. This conserves battery power.

Is it safe to reverse charge?

While reverse charging is generally safe, utilizing genuine accessories and monitoring is essential to avoid battery damage or overheating.


Backward charging on your phone might need to be clarified and irritating. However, recognizing the causes and implementing the solutions can fix the problem and ensure your phone charges properly. It’s typically possible to fix a broken charger, software bug, background apps, overheating, battery health, or hardware issue and have your phone charging properly.

Remember that regular maintenance and cautious charging can prevent such situations, keeping your smartphone trustworthy and crucial to your everyday life.

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