Difference Between No Caller ID vs Unknown Caller

Difference Between No Caller ID vs Unknown Caller [Quick Comparison 2024]

The terms “No Caller ID” and “Unknown Caller” often leave us pondering who might be on the other end of the line. These designations have become significant indicators in the phone call world, signaling diverse identity concealment aspects. Discover the Difference between no caller ID vs unknown caller, gaining insights into the motivations behind such calls and understanding how to navigate them.

Explore the intricate web of hidden identities and discover the methods to deciphering the enigma of no caller ID and unknown caller.

What does Unknown Caller mean in iPhone and Android?

iPhone in hand having unknown call

When you receive a call from a “Unknown Caller,” the phone company’s advanced system fails to determine the caller’s number. The caller’s number is hidden so that even the phone network cannot find out. This could happen if the call comes from another country or there is a slight problem with the phone network.

What Does No Caller ID Mean?

No Caller ID on phone

Your phone rings, but instead of a name or number, it just says, “No Caller ID.” It’s like a virtual mask, concealing the caller’s number using a unique code. This digital game of hide-and-seek is available on both iPhones and Androids, where the caller can keep their number incognito.

However, not all carriers or devices support this trick, making it a secret that only some phones can whisper. Think of it as a magical act – the number vanishes before your eyes.

So, when you see “No Caller ID,” you’re witnessing a slice of modern communication mystery, where the caller’s identity remains hidden, leaving you to wonder who’s behind the curtain.

Difference Between No Caller ID vs Unknown Caller

“No Caller ID” stems from intentional number hiding by the caller, while “Unknown Caller” indicates the phone network’s inability to provide caller details. Below comparison table will give you more information:

AspectNo Caller IDUnknown Caller
MeaningCaller intentionally hides their phone number from being displayed during the call.Service provider is unable to identify or retrieve caller’s information.
PurposePrivacy, pranks, or potentially suspicious activities.Technical glitches, network issues, or international calls.
MethodCaller uses a specific code to mask their identity.N/A
IndicatorYou know someone’s calling, but their number remains hidden.Recipient is unaware of the caller’s identity.
Caller’s IntentionDeliberate concealment by the caller.N/A
OutcomeRecipient sees “No Caller ID” on their screen.Recipient sees “Unknown Caller” on their screen.

How to Deal With an Unknown Number or Unwanted Calls?

Unwanted calls can be a nuisance, but you can put up with them for a while. Let’s explore practical ways to handle unknown callers and those pesky “no caller ID” situations. Whether you’re looking to create a particular contact, block unwanted calls, or use apps to your advantage.

How to Create an Unknown Caller Contact?

Dealing with calls from private or secret numbers can be frustrating, but there’s a nifty trick to end the mystery. Here’s a simple step-by-step guide to help you create an “Unknown Caller” contact on your iPhone:

  • Open Contacts App: Launch your Contacts app, which usually sports a little silhouette icon.
  • Add a New Contact: Look for the plus (+) icon, often at the top-right corner. Tap it to start adding a new contact.
  • Enter Details: In the First Name field, type “No Caller ID” to recognize the contact.
  • Phone Number: For the phone number, enter “0000000000” or any other number that doesn’t exist.
  • Save: Hit “Done” to save your newly created “no caller ID” contact.
  • Block the Contact: Open the Phone app and find your new contact. Scroll down and tap “Block This Caller.”
  • Confirm Blocking: Tap “Block Contact” to confirm. Your iPhone will now identify hidden or private numbers as blocked.

How to Block Unwanted Calls and Phone Numbers?

If you’re tired of dealing with anonymous calls altogether, here’s how to tweak your settings to avoid them:

  • Open Settings: Launch your Settings app, usually with a gear icon.
phone setting on mobile

  • Navigate to Phone: Scroll down and find “Phone” on the list. Tap it.
Silence Unknown Callers on mobile

  • Access Call Settings: Continue scrolling until you see “Silence Unknown Callers.” Tap to access these settings.
On the Silence Unknown Callers in mobile

  • Toggle On: Flip the switch off to on for “Silence Unknown Callers.” This will silence calls from numbers not in your contacts.

Download and Use TrueCaller

Another handy solution is using an app like TrueCaller. This app identifies and blocks spam calls, and it’s easy to set up:

  • Download TrueCaller: Get the TrueCaller app from your device’s app store.
  • Access Call Blocking & Identification: Open the app, scroll down, and tap “Call Blocking & Identification.”
  • Activate TrueCaller: Toggle on each TrueCaller switch to let it identify and block spam calls.

You no longer need to tolerate calls from the unknown. Whether creating a specialized contact, tweaking settings, or using apps like TrueCaller, you can take control of your phone calls and enjoy a more peaceful communication experience.

How to Call Without Showing Caller ID?

Ever wished you could make a call without revealing your phone number to the person you’re calling? It’s like becoming a phone magician, and it’s pretty simple. Here’s the breakdown of how to call without showing your Caller ID:

*Dial 67: Think of this as your secret code for invisibility. Before dialing the number you want to call, simply input *67. If you want to call 123-456-7890, dial *67. When you call, this code shows “Private” or “Blocked” on your Caller ID. It’s like hiding your phone number behind a mask.

What Is 69 When Calling?

You missed a call, and you’re dying to know who it was. Enter *69, your trusty tool for call time travel. Follow the below steps:

Step 1: Dial 69: On your phone’s keypad, type *69 and hit the call button.

Step 2: Discover the Last Caller: Your phone will reveal the number of the last person who called you, like opening an envelope of mystery.

Step 3: Call Back: If the number isn’t private or hidden, you can call it immediately. It’s like hitting rewind on your phone and getting a chance to connect with that missed call.

Can You Trace the 67 Number?

Indeed, a *67 number can be traced. Phone companies can track it through billing records, revealing its origin. They can also identify the associated name and discern the type of phone connection used, shedding light on the hidden number’s source.


What’s the difference between a No Caller ID and an Unknown Caller?

Answer: “No Caller ID” means the caller intentionally hid their number, while “Unknown Caller” often indicates the service provider couldn’t identify the number.

Can I trace a No Caller ID or Unknown Caller number?

Answer: Tracing a “No Caller ID” number is difficult, but phone companies can trace some “Unknown Caller” numbers through billing info or authorities’ help.

How do I deal with No Caller ID or Unknown Caller calls?

Answer: You can create an “Unknown Caller” contact, block calls using settings, or use apps like TrueCaller to manage unwanted calls.

Can I block No Caller ID or Unknown Caller calls?

Answer: Yes, by creating an “Unknown Caller” contact or using settings to block unidentified calls from ringing your phone.

Are No Caller ID or Unknown Caller calls always scams?

Answer: Not always, but scammers might use these methods. Be cautious and avoid sharing personal info if you answer such calls.


Understanding the difference between No Caller ID and Unknown Caller is crucial in phone calls. While No Caller ID reflects a deliberate choice to hide the number, Unknown Caller points to the caller’s identity being masked for various reasons. So, will you pick up or remain cautious next time your phone rings with these labels?

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