What is AVC block List on Android Phones

What is AVC block List on Android Phones? [Detailed Guide 2024]

Android phones keep us connected, informed, and entertained. However, with so many apps and services, privacy and security are becoming more important. The AVC Block List helps Android phones do this. What is AVC block list on Android Phones? Learn how to manage calls, safeguard privacy, and avoid unwanted calls and messages by using this crucial Android feature.

What is AVC block list on Android Phones?

The Android Verified Caller Block List (AVC Block List) helps users handle calls and texts. You can ban individual phone numbers or contacts from calling or messaging. Android’s phone app settings have this feature.

Why is the AVC Block List Important?

An important reason to use the AVC Block List is privacy and security. Spam, telemarketing, and spam calls can be annoying. This feature prevents phone disruptions and dangers.

  • Peace of Mind: The AVC Block List lets you manage who can contact you, giving you peace of mind. When getting harassing or abusive calls or messages, this is crucial.
  • Effective Call Management: This function helps folks with many calls manage their contacts. Maintain a clean call history and quickly recognize crucial calls.
  • Avoiding unwanted content: You may receive unwanted content. The AVC Block List blocks numbers and contacts to filter unwanted content.

How to Enable AVC Block List?

Let’s enable the AVC Block List on your Android phone now that you understand its importance. The steps may vary by phone maker and Android version, but they are as follows:

Step 1: Access the Phone App Settings

Access the Phone App Settings

Tap the three horizontal lines or dots in the upper- or lower-right corner. This opens a menu with options.

Step 2: Select Developer Options

Select Developer Options

Select “Developer Options” and scroll down for the AVC block list option.

Step 3: Navigate to the AVC Block List

Turn off AVC block list

Please tap on the toggle button to turn it on.

Impact on Your Android Phone

The AVC Block List is useful, but it may affect your device. How it affects Android phones:

Improved Call Management

Call handling can be greatly improved with the AVC Block List. It lets you sort critical calls from irrelevant ones, saving time and effort.

Enhanced Privacy

Privacy is improved by blocking unwanted calls and messages. You’ll have more privacy and no unsolicited marketing calls or texts.

Reduced Disturbances

You only get calls and texts from important people and organizations with the AVC Block List. Avoiding distractions helps you focus on your work.

Potential Drawbacks

The AVC Block List is useful, but it has drawbacks:

  • Missed Important Calls: You may miss important calls or chances if you unintentionally block a number you want to receive calls or texts from.
  • Limited Protection: The AVC Block List needs to be more reliable. Spammers and scammers often alter their numbers or methods.
  • Management Effort: Unwanted callers appear often, making it difficult to update and manage the block list.
  • Phone Model: The AVC Block List’s functionality and availability depend on your phone’s manufacturer and Android version.

Tips and Best Practices

The following guidelines and best practices will help you maximize the AVC Block List:

  • Review Your Block List: Check your block list numbers and contacts regularly. Remove irrelevant numbers or unblock numbers you accidentally blocked.
  • Be Cautious with Unknown Numbers: Blocking known spam or undesired numbers is routine, but be cautious when blocking unfamiliar numbers. Legitimate contacts may be contacting you.
  • Use Call Blocking App: Use third-party call-blocking apps from trusted developers for enhanced security. Advanced functionality and a larger spam database are common in these programs.
  • Stay Informed: Inform yourself of the latest spam and scam tactics. Knowing what to look for will help you avoid scammers’ new tricks.
  • Report Spam Calls: Many Android phones allow you to report spam calls or messages. By doing so, you can help identify and block spam numbers.


What does AVC block list mean? 

AVC Block List is Android Verified Caller List. Android users can block phone numbers or contacts to protect privacy and avoid unwanted calls and messages.

What is turn off AVC block list Samsung? 

In the Phone app, select “Call settings,” then disable or remove the blocked numbers to turn off the AVC Block List on a Samsung handset.

What is turn off AVC blacklist Android? 

In Android’s Phone app settings, find the AVC Block List or Blocked Numbers area and disable or remove the numbers you want to unblock.

How do I disable AVC?

Turn off AVC or delete numbers from the AVC Block List or Blocked numbers in the Phone app settings to stop AVC on Android.


Android phones’ AVC Block List helps manage calls and messages. It improves privacy, lowers interruptions, and blocks undesirable communications. You may maximize this feature and have a more tranquil and efficient mobile experience by following these simple procedures and best practices.

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