Your Call Cannot Be Completed at This Time

Your Call Cannot Be Completed at This Time [Fixed with Easy Steps 2024]

We communicate primarily via cell phones and landlines nowadays. The discouraging Message, “Your call cannot be completed at this time,” might be annoying. Do not worry—this post will explain the causes and provide solutions to get your calls back on track.

Understanding the Message: “Your Call Cannot Be Connected as of This Time”

When the automated voice says, “Your call cannot be completed at this time,” it signifies your call cannot be connected to the selected receiver. It’s essential to understand the causes of this issue before fixing it.

Causes of “Your Call Cannot Be Completed at This Time”

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The following are possible reasons you might see this Message:

  • Network Issues: Network issues are a common source of call disruptions. These issues may be yours or your recipient’s. They can result from signal interference, network congestion, or insufficient coverage.
  • Dial Errors: The issue may be in the way you dial the number. An incorrect digit or missing area code can cause this Message.
  • Service Provider Outages: When your phone service provider experiences technical difficulties or outages, calls may not get through. This problem impacts numerous users and is out of your control.
  • Call Restrictions: Service provider limits may prevent your call from going through. This may be related to your account, outstanding bills, or service concerns.
  • Do Not Disturb Mode: Calls blocked by “Do Not Disturb” mode will result in a “Your call cannot be completed at this time” Message.
  • Blocked or Blacklisted Numbers: If the person you’re calling has blocked or blacklisted your number, you’ll hear this Message. Personal disputes or privacy concerns may cause this.

Let’s address this issue’s solutions after reviewing its typical reasons.

How to Fix “Your Call Cannot Be Completed at This Time”

Fixing this issue depends on what’s causing it. Follow this easy guide to troubleshoot and fix the problem:

Check Network Connection

Ensure a strong network signal, especially in weak coverage areas. Move to a better signal area or switch networks if possible. Landline users should check physical connections and plug cords firmly.

Check Dialing Information

Double-check your call number. Make sure you dialed the correct numbers, area codes, country codes, and prefixes. Check your phone’s address book for updated contact information.

Contact Your Service Provider

Call your service provider’s customer support if you suspect an outage. They can update you on issues and anticipate resolution times. Consult with your service provider to fix account restrictions like unpaid bills.

Adjust “Do Not Disturb” Settings

If you think the person you’re calling has “Do Not Disturb,” wait for them to turn it off or text or email to let them know you’re calling urgently.

Check for Blocking

You can contact the individual who blocked your phone to fix any concerns. If needed, try another phone number or means to get them.

Restart Your Phone or Device

Sometimes, a restart fixes network and software issues. Refresh your network connection by turning off and on your phone.

Use a Different Communication Method

If all else fails, try email, messaging applications, or social media to reach the person.

Additional Tips

To make sure your calls go through quickly, here are some more tips:

  • Maintain Good Signal Strength: To maintain a strong network signal, stay in places with good coverage or use Wi-Fi calling if available.
  • Keep Your Phone Updated: To avoid call-related troubles, regularly update your phone’s software to receive bug fixes and enhancements.
  • Use a Call Forwarding Service: If you’re having trouble reaching someone, consider using a call forwarding service to redirect calls to a backup number or service.
  • Avoid Spammy Behavior: Respect privacy and refrain from spam. Repeated, unwanted calls may be blocked.
  • Enable Voicemail: Leave a message with your contact information and reason for calling if you cannot reach someone.


What does it mean when a call Cannot be completed?

Network issues, dialing faults, and restrictions can prevent a call from connecting to the intended receiver.

What Message do you get when someone blocks you?

When someone blocks you, your call may go to voicemail with a message like “The person you are calling is unavailable.

How do I make my phone unreachable without switching off?

Enable “Airplane Mode” or manually disable Wi-Fi and mobile data to make your phone unavailable without turning it off.


Though frustrating, the notice “Your call cannot be completed at this time” is typical and has many causes. Understanding these factors and following the troubleshooting methods can help you fix the problem and get your calls through. Be patient and persistent—most issues can be resolved with little effort and collaboration. Feel confident making that critical call, knowing you can handle any problems.

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