If Someone Blocked Me Will They Still Get My Texts

If Someone Blocked Me Will They Still Get My Texts? [2024]

These questions are common in today’s digital world, where a simple block can make a wall of silence. Understanding our device’s block feature is even more important if you have unanswered texts or calls that never connect. Discover what happens if Someone blocked me will they still get my texts and understand the details of iPhone and Android blocking features? Find out what happens when you’re blocked and how to unblock yourself.

If Someone Blocked Me Will They Still Get My Texts

When Someone blocks your phone number, they will not be able to receive any texts that you send them while the block is in place. Android and iPhone users are both affected by this.


Text Messages: If blocked on an iPhone, your SMS or iMessage will not be sent to the blocked person. There may be no clear sign on your end, like a “message not delivered” notice, that you have been blocked.

iMessage Status: Normally, the ‘Delivered’ or ‘Read’ status appears beneath messages. However, if you are blocked, neither of these statuses will be displayed to you. If these confirmations have been missing for a long time, you could be blocked.

No Error Messages: When a number is blocked on an iPhone, the sender will not receive any notification or error message.


Text Messages: Just like iPhones, Android devices will not be able to send texts to numbers that have been blacklisted.

Message delivery report

Delivery Reports: Some Android phones offer delivery reports for sent messages. If you find that your messages are frequently not getting a delivery report, it can mean that you are being banned.

No Clear Sign: Android phones don’t usually tell the sender directly if their message has been blocked.

General Points to Note

No Retroactive Delivery: If Someone unblocks your number later, they will not get any of your texts sent during the block. After the restriction is gone, iPhones and Androids do not store or deliver messages.

Privacy Feature: The blocking option gives consumers control over their communication and privacy. Therefore, it doesn’t tell the sender what’s going on with the texts they sent to Someone who has blocked them on purpose.

There is no direct way to determine whether or not you have been blocked because cell phones are designed to make this procedure as discrete as possible to safeguard the privacy of its users.

How to know if Someone blocked your number on iPhone or Android

Man have mobile in hand and watching it

Apple and Android devices make it difficult to tell if Someone has blocked your number to protect consumers’ privacy. However, various indications and indirect ways can indicate blockage. 

On iPhone

IMessage Status: Normally, iMessages show “Delivered” or “Read” below them. These statuses may disappear over time, indicating a block, especially if iMessages become SMS.

Observe Call Patterns: If calls go to voicemail immediately or ring once (or not at all), they may be blocked. This can also happen if the phone is off or on Do Not Disturb.

SMS Text Responses: It may indicate a block if iMessages suddenly become SMS texts (green bubbles instead of blue) and don’t show delivery status.

On Android

Missing Delivery Reports: You can see when a text message was delivered on some Android phones. Your texts might be blocked if they don’t get a delivery report regularly.

Call Behavior Analysis: Calls that go to voicemail or end after one ring may indicate that your number has been blocked.

WhatsApp Other Messaging Apps: You may be blocked if you can’t see the person’s status or last seen on WhatsApp.

Alternatives to Texting After Being Blocked

If Someone has blocked your phone number, respect their decision. But sometimes you need to get in touch immediately for important or urgent reasons.

Consider different communication techniques, but remember to respect boundaries and privacy. After blocking, try these messaging alternatives:


Email is a formal communication method. It’s good for urgent messaging. Emails are considered less intrusive than phone calls or messages.

Social Media Chat

Message on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter. Personal and professional communication is common on these sites.

When using these platforms, please respect their privacy settings and choices. 

Third-Party Messaging

Message apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, and Signal rely on internet connectivity and are unaffected by phone SMS or call filtering.

Physical Mail

Sending a letter is an option for formal or important communications. Please ensure that a physical letter is acceptable for the situation and relationship.

Mutual Links

When seeking assistance, asking a mutual contact to deliver a message may be appropriate. This should be done carefully and only if necessary.

Important Considerations

Remember that blocking Someone indicates a wish to limit or end communication. Reaching out should be balanced against respecting their decision.

  • Do not harass Someone who has blocked you by repeatedly contacting them through other ways.
  • Attempting to contact Someone who has chosen not to communicate might have legal and ethical issues, especially if it involves harassment.
  • Instead of texting after being blocked, employ alternatives respecting the other person’s privacy and limits. 


What does a blocked person see if they text you?

Blocked people see their SMS as sent but have yet to receive delivery confirmation.

How do I contact Someone who blocked me?

To contact Someone who blocked you, try email, an alternate phone number, or a mutual contact, but respect their decision.

Do messages deliver when blocked on WhatsApp?

No, WhatsApp messages sent by blocked senders show a single check mark, indicating they were sent but not delivered.


If Someone blocks your number, your SMS won’t reach them, and you won’t know. This applies to iPhones, Androids, and WhatsApp. Maintaining healthy relationships and limits requires understanding and respecting this facet of digital communication.

Considering the reasons for blocking and proceeding respectfully and cautiously is vital when using alternative contact techniques.

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