What Is Cameralyzer In Samsung

What Is Cameralyzer In Samsung? [How To Uninstall It 2024]

Samsung is one of the leading companies in the technology industry, and they are constantly innovating and creating new products with the latest technology to meet the growing demands of their customers. One such product is Cameralyzer, a powerful feature that enhances the camera capabilities of Samsung devices. Explore what is Cameralyzer in Samsung. Learn how advanced camera analytics and optimization improve your pictures with this cutting-edge technology, discover Cameralyzer’s benefits, and enjoy an easy Samsung device connection.

What Is Cameralyzer In Samsung?

Cameralyzer in Samsung

Samsung’s Cameralyzer software analyzes photographs and makes image-quality recommendations using AI algorithms. The feature analyzes the photo’s composition, lighting, color balance, and other elements and suggests improvements.

Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra have Cameralyzer. The rear and front-facing cameras can access it through the camera app.

How Does Cameralyzer App Work?

Cameralyzer helps users enhance their photos by assessing composition, lighting, color balance, and more. Cameralyzer’s AI algorithms recognize image patterns and give suggestions.

Cameralyzer analyzes photos taken with the Samsung camera app and gives real-time comments. This feedback may recommend adjusting the focus, exposure, or subject position to improve composition.

Cameralyzer also offers a library of photo scenarios, including landscapes, and portraits, to make more particular recommendations based on the type of shot.

Why Is Cameralyzer Important?

Cameralyzer’s real-time image quality recommendations make it crucial for photographers. Cameralyzer lets you easily edit your images, saving time and improving your photography skills.

Cameralyzer can also teach you about composition and lighting. Cameralyzer can teach you how to take good photos by providing comments and ideas.

How To Remove Cameralyzer Samsung?

Samsung’s built-in Cameralyzer can be uninstalled, but it’s so risky. These steps disable Cameralyzer:

  • Samsung device Camera app.
  • Tap the top-left gear-shaped Settings icon.
  • Scroll down and tap “Intelligence features.”
  • Turn off “Scene optimizer” to disable Cameralyzer.
  • Disabling Scene Optimizer disables Cameralyzer. This may prevent other Scene optimizers with AI capabilities like object identification and adaptive brightness.

Rooting your Samsung handset to remove the Cameralyzer feature is complicated and may destroy your warranty. The system functions like Cameralyzer are meant to improve your device’s performance.

Delete Cameralyzer from your Samsung cellphone carefully and expertly. You can safely uninstall Cameralyzer using the following steps:

  • “About” in Samsung’s “Settings” app.
  • Tap “Build Number” frequently until a prompt states you’re a developer.
  • Tap “Developer Options” under Settings.
  • Enable “USB Debugging.”
  • Install ADB on your computer.
  • Extract the ZIP after downloading.
  • Go to the extracted ADB executable folder. Platform tools hold it.
  • Shift-right-click an empty folder.
  • Click “Open command window here.”
  • USB cables connect Samsung phones to computers.
  • “ADB devices” in the command window and press Enter.
  • OK, the smartphone prompt.
  • The command window displays the device serial number.
  • Type “adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 com.sec.factory.cameralyzer”.
  • Enter to uninstall Cameralyzer.

Knowing the program package name lets you delete any system app. However, deleting system apps can harm your smartphone.


Q: Is Cameralyzer available on all Samsung devices?

A: Only the Samsung Galaxy S21, S21+, and S21 Ultra include Cameralyzer.

Q: Does Cameralyzer work for front- and rear-facing cameras?

A: Cameralyzer works with front- and rear-facing cameras.

Q: How does Cameralyzer work?

A: Cameralyzer helps users enhance their photos by assessing composition, lighting, color balance, and more.


Samsung’s Cameralyzer improves camera performance. Cameralyzer uses AI algorithms to analyze photographs and deliver real-time feedback and image quality recommendations.

Photographers who want to develop their talents need this function. Samsung’s Cameralyzer shows its dedication to innovation and user satisfaction.

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