A Complete Guide To Snapchat Planets Order [Updated 2024]

Snapchat has been entertaining users since 2011. It’s unique since users may exchange disappearing photographs and videos. Discover a complete guide to Snapchat Planets, from Mercury to Neptune, to elevate your Snapchat status. Unveil the stellar journey through social media orbits and boost your online presence with this definitive guide.

What Is The Snapchat Planet Order?

Snapchat Planets

Snapchat Planet Order is a virtual universe within Snapchat that allows users to interact with each other based on their Snapchat activity. Snapchat Planet includes the Snapchat Solar System, Zodiac, and Bitmoji Constellation.

Snapchat Solar System

Snapchat Solar System is the main component of Snapchat Planet that comprises all of your Snapchat friends, who are organized into groups based on their activity on the app. Your Snapchat friends are grouped by activity, which is mentioned below.

Snapchat Solar System

A Complete Guide To Snapchat Planets Order

Snapchat’s Solar System categorizes friends by frequency and type of contact. Inner and Outer Planets comprise the Solar System.

Friend Solar System Snapchat Guide

You Snapchat most with the Inner Planets. They have planet names and are closer to your Bitmoji in the Solar System:

Snapchat Inner Planets

Outer Planets are Snapchat friends you rarely see. They are distant from your Bitmoji in the Solar System and have various planet names:

Snapchat Outer Planets

The frequency and type of your contact with friends can influence their Solar System placement. If you Snapchat with a friend often, they may migrate to an Inner Planet. A friend may migrate to an Outer Planet if you see them less often.

In addition to the planet icons, each friend in the Solar System will have a colored ring around their planet to indicate their friendship status with you:

Planet icons

The Snapchat Solar System is a fun and unusual way to organize your Snapchat contacts by interactions. It helps you remain in touch with your Snapchat pals and find new ones.

Snapchat Zodiac

Snapchat assigns birthdate-based astrological signs to users. The Snapchat Zodiac is based on the zodiac signs but modified for Snapchat.

Snapchat Zodiac

Snapchat Bitmoji Constellation

Snapchat Bitmoji Constellation shows your Snapchat activity. Based on your Snapchat activities, it organizes your Bitmojis into constellations. Four categories divide Bitmojis:

Snapchat Bitmoji

How Does Snapchat Planet Work?

Snapchat Planet is complicated. Snapchat Planet activity increases with Snapchat use. Your Snapchat interactions with friends form the Snapchat Solar System.

Your birthdate determines your Snapchat Zodiac. Based on your Snapchat Bitmojis, the Snapchat Bitmoji Constellation displays your activity.

Snapchat Planet evolves with your use. Your app activity can modify your Snapchat Zodiac sign, Bitmoji Constellation, and Solar System location. If you interact with a buddy more on Snapchat, they may travel from the Outer Planets to the Inner Planets in your Solar System.

Snapchat Planet’s other features depend on your app usage. Snapchat Streak rewards daily snappers, for instance. The streak length increases the friend’s Solar System number.

Based on their Snapchat location data, Snapchat Map lets you see where your friends are. This function might help you find friends and new places.

Snapchat Planet is complicated and dynamic. Snapchat is best when you know how to use it.

YouTube video

Snapchat Planet Navigation

Snapchat Planet initially seems confusing, but a few simple steps can help. Some advice:

Interact with friends: Snapchat Planet activity increases with Snapchat friend interaction. This boosts Bitmoji activity and Solar System rank.

Use Snapchat regularly: Stay active on Snapchat Planet daily and increase your overall activity.

Enable location data: Enable Snapchat location data to discover new places and find friends.

Keep your streaks going: Maintaining streaks with friends might help you rise in the Solar System and enhance your activity.

Check out the Map feature: Discover new areas and find friends with Snapchat Map.


Q: Can I change my Snapchat Zodiac sign?

A: Snapchat Zodiac signs are based on birthdates and cannot be changed.

Q: How do I move up in the Solar System?

A: Snapchatting with friends more often can boost your Solar System rank.

Q: Can I see other people’s Bitmoji Constellations?

A: Only your Bitmoji Constellation is shown.

Q: Can I turn off the Map feature on Snapchat?

A: Snapchat lets you disable Maps.

Q: How can I increase my Bitmoji activity level?

A: Snapchat and buddy interaction can boost Bitmoji engagement.


Snapchat Planet is a dynamic world inside Snapchat. Snapchat is best when you know how to use it. Based on your Snapchat behavior, Snapchat Planet has the Solar System, Zodiac, and Bitmoji Constellation.

By chatting with friends, utilizing Snapchat, and allowing location data, you can rise in the Solar System on Snapchat Planet. Explore Snapchat Planet and snap away!

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