What is AppLinker on Android

What is AppLinker on Android? [Complete Guide 2024]

Android Applinker is a valuable system app that enhances your Android experience. What is AppLinker on Android? This detailed guide permanently contains its features, safety, and how to uninstall it.

What is AppLinker on Android?

Applinker or com.sec.android.app.applinker, a system App in your Android device, simplifies app and web page interaction. You may easily open web pages from your apps using the invisible link. Applinker lets you open links in chat apps without copying and pasting and saves time.

Features That Make Applinker Shine

Let’s explore Applinker’s most outstanding features:

Effortless Web Page Access

Applinker connects your apps to web information, making it easy to open web pages without switching apps.

Simplified App Interaction

It improves Android app engagement by smoothing app-web content transitions.

Hidden Hero

Applinker, like many system apps, works silently without cluttering your main menu. It’s Android’s unsung hero.

Is Applinker Safe?

Is Applinker Safe?

Users may worry about the security of Applinker because of its hidden nature and enigmatic name. Fear not! Despite its covert nature, Applinker is not malware or bloatware.

Peeking into Permissions

The permissions Applinker requests help explain its safety. The good thing is it’s not asking for kingdom keys. Applinker requests Storage and Phone permissions simply. These are needed for it to open web pages in your apps smoothly.

Misconceptions Dispelled

The hidden nature of Applinker may confuse. Users who associate secrecy with malice may worry about it. Applinker is a system app that improves user experience, not a threat. System glitches are more frequent than Applinker malfunctions to cause page opening troubles.

How Do You Permanently Uninstall Applinker?

Suppose getting rid of Applinker is preferable. Uninstalling a pre-installed system app is challenging, but we have several options mentioned below in this guide.

Method 1: The Root Route

Obtaining root access is risky. This action may be harmful and will nullify your warranty.

  • Root Access: Get root access on your Android device. This unlocks the system’s inner workings.
  • System App Remover: Download a trustworthy app like “System App Remover.”
  • Find Applinker: Launch the app and locate the “com.sec.android.app. app linked” package to find Applinker.
  • Uninstall: Click “Uninstall” and wait for the Android system program to exit.

Method 2: USB Debugging Adventure

USB Debugging

A Windows PC is needed for this method to work.

Step 1: Enable Developer Options

  • Settings > System > About Phone.
  • Tap “Build Number” seven times to open Developer Options.

Step 2: Enable USB Debugging

  • Settings > Developer Options.
  • Enable “USB Debugging.”

Step 3: ADB Software Magic

  • Download ADB for PC.
  • Extract the Zip file and double-click a blank spot while holding SHIFT.
  • Start PowerShell and type “ADB Services.”
  • USB-connect your Android mobile to your PC.
  • Enter “ADB shell pm uninstall – com.sec.android.applinker” on your Phone.


What is the primary function of Applinker on Android?

Applinker, an Android system app, streamlines app and web page transitions.

How can I locate Applinker on my Android device?

In Settings, select Application Manager, and find Applinker under System Apps.

Is Applinker safe to use on Android phones?

Applinker is a safe system software that simplifies app-web content interactions to improve user experience.

What permissions does Applinker require on my device?

To function, Applinker usually needs Storage and Phone access.

Can I customize shortcuts with Applinker?

Users can create custom shortcuts for their favorite apps or app features with Applinker.


Applinker on Android silently simplifies app and web interaction. Simple is safe, and misconceptions about its hidden nature should be dispelled. With the proper uninstallation techniques, you may confidently say goodbye to Applinker. Understanding Android tools lets you customize your device. Applinker is discreet, but its impact on user experience is not.

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