This Song is Currently Unavailable on Instagram

This Song is Currently Unavailable on Instagram [Fixed 2024] 

Are you making the perfect Instagram story or Reel? The graphics are done, but you need a suitable song to finish your amazing creation. Unfortunately, “This song is currently unavailable” appears. How annoying is that? Discover why ‘This song is currently unavailable on Instagram’ occurs, and learn effective solutions to fix this issue. Explore practical tips and insights in this guide for a smoother Instagram experience.

Understanding the ‘Instagram Song Unavailable’ Error

Many Instagram users need help with this problem. It happens when you try to add a song to Instagram Stories or Reels and get a silent void.

This can be a particularly discouraging issue for content creators. Who use images and music to engage and boost their post attractiveness.

Reasons Behind This Song is Currently Unavailable Instagram

Geographic Limits

The complicated world of music licensing is one of the primary causes of this error. Some songs may not be available in some areas due to differences in music rights between countries. If a song is popular in the USA but not in your nation, it could be because of licensing limitations.

Account Type Limits

Music availability differs between personal and business Instagram accounts. It’s possible that the popular song you heard on a friend’s account isn’t available on your business account because of stricter copyright laws.

Software Issues and Updates

The issue may be an Instagram app bug or an old version. Updates are essential for a smooth, error-free app experience.

How to Fix This song is Currently Unavailable on Instagram 

Check Internet Connection

Start with simple solutions before moving on. A weak internet connection can slow Instagram’s music library. Restarting your router or going to mobile data may fix the problem.

Instagram App Update

Instagram App Update

App upgrades often repair bugs and add features. Find Instagram in the app store and choose ‘Update’ if available. This easy approach fixes numerous issues, including the ‘unavailable song’ message.

Switch Account Types

If you have a business account, switch to a personal account briefly. This may increase Instagram’s music library access. Making a quick change to your account settings may be the solution.

Use a VPN for Geographical Restrictions

Use a VPN for Geographical Restrictions

A VPN maybe your best option if your country blocks the song. You can access foreign songs by changing your virtual location. Choose a reliable VPN provider, connect to a server in a country with your desired music, and you may have solved the problem.

Reinstall Instagram

If nothing works, remove and reinstall Instagram. This can remove cache or data issues causing the error. Giving your app a new start.

Contact Instagram Support

Are you trying everything and still can’t access your music? Contact Instagram’s support team. They are better able to address your specific needs and provide a solution to your problem.

Alternative Methods to Add Music

Using Third-Party Music Apps

Don’t let errors block your creativity. Before posting to Instagram, add music with Spotify or Apple Music. This lets you choose from more tracks and match them with your images.

Editing Videos Outside of Instagram

Being creative outside of Instagram is sometimes the best thing to do. Video editing software lets you edit and add music. You can utilize any song without Instagram’s limits and have more control over the final output.

Pro Tips for a Smoother Instagram Experience

  • Choose songs that are well-known all around the world. These may be available in more regions and account types.
  • Creating more original and interesting work is sometimes possible when you have certain constraints. Consider experimenting with various musical styles or even making your song.


Why is Instagram reel music not available for some accounts?

Geographical limitations and account types, such as business accounts with stricter copyright rules, may prevent Instagram Reel music from playing.

What countries is Instagram music available in?

Depending on licensing arrangements, Instagram music is available in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Sweden, France, Canada, Germany, and others.

Why does it say no music available on Instagram?

Instagram may display “no music available” owing to licensing concerns, regional limitations, or the song not being in their music collection in certain countries.

How do you legally use copyrighted music on Instagram?

You can license copyrighted music from the owners or use Instagram’s music library for posts and stories.


Although Instagram’s “unavailable song” problem is annoying, it’s not impossible to fix. These techniques will help you overcome this issue and create amazing musical content.

Don’t allow technical issues to stop you from trying and creating.

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