TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule

TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule [Reasons & Solutions 2024]

Our social media sensation, TikTok, is a strong advertising platform. TikTok’s large user base and interesting content allow businesses to reach vast and enthusiastic audiences. Like any advertising platform, TikTok has errors, and the “TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule” issue is among the most raising. Learn why TikTok ads go ‘Outside of Schedule’ and how to fix them step-by-step. Find ways to avoid delays and make your TikTok ads more effective.

What is the ”TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule” Notification?

Let’s first figure out what “Outside Schedule TikTok Advertisements” means. This notification informs marketers when their advertisements run past the scheduled time. This can affect the performance of a campaign or budget allocation. This notification shows differences between planned and actual placements on the platform.

Why TikTok Ads not Delivering Outside of Schedule?

Why Ads not delivering outside of schedule TikTok

Ad Approval Pending

One of the main reasons your TikTok ad might go “Outside of Schedule” is that the TikTok officials haven’t approved it yet.

TikTok doesn’t take ad content lightly; it checks each one to ensure it follows its rules and standards. During this evaluation process, your advertisement might be reviewed.


Read over TikTok’s rules for ads: TikTok has rules about ads that you should first read. This step is very important to ensure your ad material follows their rules. It’s like ensuring you wear the right clothes before a nice event.

Be Patient During the Review: You must wait once you send your ad for review. These days, TikTok’s ad review process takes about 24 hours. Avoid making unnecessary changes to your ad or account during this time.

Check for Approval: It’s important to check your TikTok Ads Manager every so often to see if the state of your ad has changed from “In Review” to “Approved.” As planned, your ad will be sent out within the specified time frame once accepted.

Make the Needed Changes: If TikTok says your ad doesn’t get the green light, pay attention to what they say. Please make the necessary changes to ensure you follow you follow their rules, and then send them the updated ad again for review.

Monitor Your Ad: After your ad launches, monitor its performance. Make improvements using the data.

By following these steps, you can get your TikTok ads approved and ensure they show up on time without being “Outside of Schedule” because they are still being approved.

TikTok Reviewing Your Ads Account

Sometimes, your whole TikTok ads account is being looked at, not just your ad. This usually happens after making big changes or making a new account. Reviewing your account could stop your ads from running and send you an “Outside of Schedule” message.


Account Review Process: Learn that TikTok takes time to look at new accounts and big changes, just like a smart club bouncer would. It’s important to follow this process to keep the platform safe.

How to Be Patient: Being patient is important, just like waiting in line at that fancy club. You’ll have to wait until your ads account is reviewed. The good news is that the account review process usually only takes 24 hours at most.

Checking the Review Status: Check your TikTok Ads Manager to see if the status has changed. Once the review is over, TikTok will email you to let you know if your account has been accepted.

Making Necessary Changes: TikTok will inform you if your account review doesn’t go as planned. You must change your account or ads to fit TikTok’s rules.

Insufficient Account Balance

You’re ready for a road trip, but your gas tank is almost empty. That’s what happens when your TikTok ads need to be sent, but your account value is too low. If you need more money to pay for ads, they will take more fuel to reach their target audience.


Maintaining an Appropriate Budget: First and foremost, you should know how important it is to keep your TikTok Ads account’s budget in check. This budget gives your advertising efforts the fuel they need to run smoothly.

Checking Your Account Balance: Go to your TikTok Ads Manager page, click “Tools,” and then click “Payment.” See how much cash you have left here. Make sure it’s enough to pay for your ads.

Funding Your Account: No need to worry if your account empties. Adding money to TikTok is simple. 

Exceeded Lifetime Budget

Budget and schedule

TikTok lets advertisers set a budget for their projects that lasts a lifetime. This budget shows how much money you’ve spent on your ad campaign over its whole run.

You can only pay this during the campaign period. If you do, TikTok will remove your ads, even if the campaign period has stayed the same.


Understanding Lifetime Budget: It’s very important to understand a lifetime budget. You have set aside this much money for your campaign from the beginning to the end.

Keeping an Eye on Your Spending: Be very careful with how much you spend on ads. Check your account often to ensure you don’t exceed stay within the amount you set for life.

Changing Your Budget: If your plan exceeds its lifetime budget too quickly, you should change it. TikTok has minimum standards for daily and lifetime budgets that you should consider when making changes.

Time Zone Differences

Timing is everything, and that is particularly true regarding advertising on TikTok. Due to changes in time zones, your ads may seem to be running at times other than planned.

TikTok shows ads based on the time zone setting for the account, which can cause problems.


Timezones: Know that TikTok shows you ads based on the time zone you choose for your account. Your ads will appear right for the people you want to reach.

Verifying and Adjusting Your Timezone: Check the time zone settings for your account again by going to “Tools,” “Account Setup,” and “Basic Information.” Please ensure it works with your time zone and the plan you want for the ad to appear.

Problems with Targeting the Audience

Targeting the Audience

Hitting the target with an arrow is like aiming at the right people. It’s very important for the success of your TikTok ads.

But problems can happen if the people you target with your ads need to be more detailed or narrow. TikTok’s algorithm might need some help finding enough people who meet your exact requirements.


The Power of Audience Targeting: Understand how important audience targeting is to the success of your ad. As an indicator, it points your ads to the right people.

Finding the Right Balance: If your ads get stuck in the “Outside of Schedule” trap because they aren’t addressing the right people, you might consider making your audience more general. Start with a few targeting factors and improve them over time based on how well the ads do.

Expanding Your Audience: Try different audience factors to get more people to use your site. This makes it more likely that your ads will be shown to a larger group of people, which improves their success.


Why are my TikTok ads not running as scheduled?

TikTok ads may run differently than planned if the ad is still being reviewed, the account balance is too low, the lifetime budget has been passed, there are time zone differences, or there are problems with targeting.

How long does the ad approval process typically take on TikTok?

On TikTok, it usually takes 24 hours for our ads to be approved. But some ads get accepted faster than others.

Can I adjust my ad campaign’s lifetime budget after it has started running?

Yes, you can change the total budget of your ad campaign even after it has begun. But remember that TikTok has a minimum limit you need to meet.

What should I do if my TikTok ads consistently run outside of schedule?

If your TikTok ads always run late, ensure your account balance is enough, check your ad content to ensure it follows the rules, and look over your targeting settings and change as needed.

How can I prevent my TikTok ads from going outside of schedule in the future?

Set up your TikTok ads ahead of time, make sure your campaigns run on time, and keep an eye on and stick to your budget to avoid your ads running late. Managing ads well means using tools like NestAds.


Remember that the best things you can do to succeed in this advertising journey are to be patient, plan, and fully understand TikTok’s rules. Ensure people see your ads, and your TikTok efforts will do great!

With this guide, you can fix the “TikTok Ads Outside of Schedule” problem and make your TikTok advertising efforts work. Feel free to get in touch if you need more help or have more questions.

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