What are Enhanced LTE Services

What are Enhanced LTE Services? [Detailed Guide 2024]

In our fast-paced world, mobile communication has advanced. And you know? It’s improved our conversations too. Have you heard about Enhanced LTE Services? It’s also called Enhanced 4G LTE mode. It’s cool because it takes voice and communication experiences to a new level. We will dive into Enhanced LTE Services and uncover what they’re all about. We’ll also examine their benefits and give you all the necessary information to make the most of this remarkable technology.

Enhanced LTE Services


Enhanced LTE Services are a bunch of advanced communication technologies that do more than just the usual voice and data stuff. There are some options for services that you could benefit from. VoLTE, which means “Voice over LTE,” is available. Then there’s ViLTE, which is Video Over Long Term Evolution.

We also have VoWIFI, which stands for Voice Over Wireless Fidelity. And lastly, there’s RCS, which stands for Rich Communication Services.

VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution)

VoLTE (Voice Over Long Term Evolution)

Do you find improvements in voice calls satisfying? We no longer have to put up with staticky wires and garbled speech. Do you know what VoLTE is? Voice Over Long Term Evolution is an abbreviation for this term.

It’s an excellent tool that helps make better phone calls. Unlike traditional phone conversations, which use 2G or 3G networks, VoLTE only uses 4G LTE networks. Your voice is converted into data packets for improved transmission quality.

ViLTE (Video Over Long-Term Evolution)

So Enhanced LTE Services are about improving voice calls and allowing video calling on 4G networks. ViLTE, or Video Over Long Term Evolution, is an excellent feature enabling live video chats. It’s perfect for connecting with your loved ones or virtual business meetings.

VoWIFI (Voice Over Wireless Fidelity)

Have you ever had those frustrating moments when your phone calls suddenly disconnected indoors? It’s usually because of the lousy cellular reception. Have you heard of VoWIFI? It’s short for Voice Over Wireless Fidelity.

It’s an excellent solution that lets you make voice calls using Wi-Fi instead of relying solely on cellular networks. Are you tired of calls getting cut off? Well, say goodbye to those annoying interruptions! Our solution lets you enjoy crystal-clear conversations even when your cellular signal weakens.

RCS (Rich Communication Services)

Have you heard about RCS, also known as Rich Communication Services? It’s cool because it takes text messages to a new level of dynamism and engagement. With RCS, you can do so much more with your messaging!

You can send multimedia messages, see when someone is typing a response, and even share your location in real-time. It makes your messaging experience more fun and interactive.

Benefits of Enhanced 4G LTE Mode

Communication is crucial to digital interaction with all the developments in mobile technology. Smartphones have become vital to our life. We use them to communicate, conduct business, exchange memories, and strengthen connections. Enhanced LTE Services are changing the game regarding connecting and communicating.

Let’s talk about the incredible benefits of Enhanced LTE Services and how they take our communication experience to a whole new level.

1. Crystal-Clear HD Voice Calling

One cool thing about Enhanced LTE Services is that they now have High Definition (HD) Voice Calling. It’s pretty awesome! Traditional voice calls sometimes have this issue where the sound quality isn’t excellent, and there’s a lot of background noise.

It can be frustrating and lead to miscommunication. HD Voice Calling is perfect because it completely changes the game regarding call quality. The clarity is just excellent, and the audio sounds so lifelike. The increased frequency range picks up on details in speech, making it sound like you’re talking to someone right in front of you.

Whether you’re having a business call or a heartwarming chat with a loved one, HD Voice Calling turns ordinary conversations into meaningful dialogues.

2. Immersive Video Calling with ViLTE

Video calling is super popular with something called Video over Long Term Evolution (ViLTE). ViLTE is revolutionary because it makes communicating with people you care about or work with easier.

It enables live video chats to view the other person simultaneously. The visual component is excellent since it lends depth and feeling to your conversations. It bridges the gaps between people far away and helps you feel more connected to them.

ViLTE is an excellent feature that transforms regular calls into interactive, face-to-face experiences. It’s perfect for sharing exciting milestones or working together on projects.

3. Uninterrupted Calls with VoWIFI

Do you know how annoying it is when your calls get dropped because of bad cell reception? It’s the worst, especially indoors or in a remote area. Voice over WIFI (VoWIFI) is fantastic because it enables seamless handoffs between cellular and Wi-Fi networks.

If your cell phone reception is weak, you can still make and take calls with this function. It’s great because it ensures that your conversations get interrupted, and you get all the essential information. VoWIFI allows you to communicate with confidence no matter where you are.

4. Interactive Messaging through RCS

Enhanced LTE Services are excellent because they include Rich Communication Services (RCS). This means your messaging experience gets much better with interactive features. It’s all about making your conversations more fun and engaging! RCS allows you to express yourself more comprehensively.

You can see if someone has read your message, know when someone is typing, and easily share multimedia content. So what happens is that you end up having exciting conversations that capture all the little nuances of human communication. This helps people feel more connected and work together better.

5. Enhanced Coverage and Reliability

Enhanced LTE Services are excellent because they use the power of 4G LTE networks. These networks are designed to give you better coverage and more reliable connections than older ones.

This means that you’ll have a much better chance of having a solid and reliable signal, even in places where staying connected used to be challenging. Whether in a busy city or out in the middle of nowhere, Enhanced LTE Services ensure you stay connected. You can take advantage of opportunities and stay updated with the latest information.

6. Seamless Transition between Voice and Data

Enhanced LTE Services make the line between voice calls and data usage more fluid. You know what’s great? With HD Voice Calling, you don’t have to worry about simultaneously sacrificing your internet browsing, streaming, or using other data-heavy apps. You can enjoy all the benefits without any compromises.

This seamless integration is excellent! It enhances your multitasking capabilities. You can make important calls while still staying productive and entertained.

7. Empowering Businesses and Remote Work

Have you heard about HD Voice Calling and ViLTE? They’re cool because they make communication super clear and compelling. This is especially important for virtual meetings, talking to clients, and working together.

It just makes everything a whole lot easier! VoWIFI is excellent because it allows remote workers to communicate reliably from different locations. This means fewer disruptions and the ability to maintain professional connections.

8. Compatibility and Accessibility

So Enhanced LTE Services are meant to work on devices compatible with different networks. Amazingly, such technology is growing. More devices and carriers are adopting them, making them more accessible. You can enjoy Enhanced LTE Services’ perks without buying fancy equipment or switching to a different service provider.

How HD Voice Works?

How HD Voice Works

Regarding communication, having clear and high-quality voices with all the digital highways and virtual landscapes is essential. Have you heard of HD Voice? It’s this fantastic technology that’s part of Enhanced LTE Services.

It revolutionizes how people talk to one another by making their voices sound more natural and precise. So, how exactly does HD Voice work its magic?

Compression and Encoding of Audio

On an HD Voice call, compression converts your voice into digital data. These data packets are created to transmit the compressed audio over the network.

Decoding and Decompression Process

The data packets are decoded and decompressed when they arrive at their destination. The procedure will return your voice to its natural state. The outcome is a conversation that captures the little details of speech, making you feel more connected to the person you’re chatting with.

Frequency Range Comparison: Standard vs. HD Voice

Did you know that regular voice calls usually cover a frequency range of 300 Hz to 3.4 kHz? HD Voice expands the range from 50 Hz to 7 kHz or even higher. The broader frequency range in HD Voice makes conversations sound more natural, like actual human speech. It’s one of the reasons why HD Voice says so lifelike.

Enabling Enhanced LTE Services on Your Device

Enabling Enhanced LTE Services is a straightforward process. Follow the below steps:

  1. Open the Settings app on your device.
Open the Settings app on your device

 2. Tap on Network & Internet.

Tap on Network & Internet

3. Select Mobile network.

Select Mobile network

4. Toggle on the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.

Toggle on the Enhanced 4G LTE Mode.

Importance of Compatibility

It’s important to note that both your and the recipient’s devices must support HD Voice to experience improved call quality fully. Keeping this feature turned on is recommended to ensure you can take advantage of HD Voice whenever possible.

Common Queries About Enhanced LTE Services

Is VoLTE the Same as Enhanced LTE?

One of the numerous capabilities of Enhanced LTE is Voice over LTE (VoLTE). Thus, VoLTE focuses on voice calls, while Enhanced LTE goes above and above by adding services like video calling and Wi-Fi voice calls.

Should You Keep Enhanced LTE Services On?

If you keep Enhanced LTE Services turned on, you’ll always be ready to enjoy HD Voice and other cool communication features whenever they’re available.

How to Turn Off Enhanced 4G LTE?

You can disable Enhanced 4G LTE Mode, but doing so is not advised. Follow the procedures I mentioned previously. However, you may lose access to HD Voice and other exciting features if you do so.

VoLTE vs. WIFI Calling

VoLTE and Wi-Fi Calling improve communication, but they work differently. VoLTE calls use the 4G network, while Wi-Fi Calling requires Wi-Fi. Wi-Fi Calling is excellent indoors, and the cellular signal is weak.

Enhanced LTE Services: Global Availability

4G LTE coverage has become the foundation for all those excellent mobile services we enjoy. It’s incredible how it can reach across borders, connecting different countries and making our digital experiences smooth.

Let’s dive into the global 4G LTE coverage measured by SpeedChecker in 2021. It’s fascinating to see how this technology has completely transformed communication on a worldwide scale.


Is Enhanced LTE available everywhere?

The availability of Enhanced LTE differs depending on the region. Countries like Japan, South Korea, and the United States are leading the pack in this regard.

Can I use HD Voice on any device?

For the best call quality, both your device and the recipient’s device should support HD Voice.

Is HD Voice the same thing as VoLTE?

It is a component of VoLTE that improves the quality of voice conversations. It is all about enhancing the call quality.

Does turning off Enhanced LTE save battery? 

Turning off Enhanced LTE could save some battery life, but remember that it also limits your access to advanced communication features.

Can I use Enhanced LTE while roaming? 

When traveling to different countries, the roaming policies affect the availability of Enhanced LTE Services. Contact your carrier for information.


Today’s world requires constant connectivity. That’s why Enhanced LTE Services are changing the game when it comes to how we communicate. It’s all about bringing innovation to our communication experiences. You won’t believe the fantastic features of HD Voice, video calling, Wi-Fi-based calls, and enriched messaging!

They affect how we interact with one another in new ways. It blows your mind—just a gentle reminder to think about how your phone calls and text messages are made.

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