Crunchyroll Unauthorized Request

Crunchyroll Unauthorized Request [Reasons & Solutions 2024]

Crunchyroll is a widely recognized digital streaming platform famous for its extensive library of anime TV shows, OVAs, and Asian anime dramas. Users may occasionally encounter issues, such as Crunchyroll unauthorized request, despite the service’s popularity. Learn why these issues occur and how to fix them using the methods below to improve your streaming experience.

Reasons Behind Crunchyroll Unauthorized Request

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There are several potential causes for unauthorized requests on Crunchyroll, but the most common ones are:

Web Browser Issues

Web browser issues might cause Crunchyroll to make unauthorized request. These issues may include outdated browser versions, conflicting plugins, or corrupted browser cache.

These reasons can cause Crunchyroll to malfunction and allow unauthorized access or playing.

Poor Internet Connection

Crunchyroll streaming requires a fast, reliable internet connection. Network outages, low bandwidth, and weak Wi-Fi signals might cause this issue.

When the internet connection is irregular, buffering matters can cause the platform to report unauthorized requests due to interrupted playback.

Problems with platforms

Crunchyroll, like other streaming services, has platform issues. These issues may involve server downtime, platform malfunctions, or maintenance.

Unauthorized requests might be triggered when users encounter disturbances or unexpected activity while streaming.

Account Sharing

Unauthorized requests can also occur due to account sharing unrelated to web browsers or internet connectivity. Multiple Crunchyroll logins can cause simultaneous streaming, server strain, and this issue.

How to Fix Unauthorized Request Crunchyroll?

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Unauthorized request issues on Crunchyroll might be frustrating, but various methods exist to fix and keep streaming. 

Method 1: Internet Connection Check

Before exploring more advanced alternatives, check your internet connection. Unsecured connections can cause playback difficulties and illegal requests. Check your Wi-Fi or data connection and restart your network or modem if necessary.

Method 2: Logging Crunchyroll on Another Device

Sometimes, the issue is device-specific. Try logging into Crunchyroll on a smartphone or tablet. This can assist in determining if the issue is device-related or broader.

  • Log out of Crunchyroll on this device.
  • Use a different device, like a tablet or smartphone.
  • Log into Crunchyroll on another device.
  • Verify the unauthorized request issue.

Method 3: Using Other Web Browsers for Crunchyroll

Try another browser if you use a specific web browser for Crunchyroll and receive unauthorized requests. Some browsers have compatibility concerns with streaming. Testing Crunchyroll in other browsers can help find the issue.

  • Try Firefox or Safari if Chrome is giving you problems.
  • Use the alternate browser to visit Crunchyroll.
  • Check if it persists.

Method 4: Disabling Browser Extensions

Some browser plugins or add-ons might make Crunchyroll less useful. Check if disabling browser extensions and plugins fixes the problem. Several add-ons can stop or mess up video services.

  • Start your browser.
  • Turn off browser extensions and add-ons.
  • Check Crunchyroll if the issue persists.
  • If the issue is fixed, enable extensions one by one to find the problematic one.

Method 5: Clearing Device Cache

Sometimes, playback issues could be caused by cached data on your device. Clear your streaming device’s browser or app cache. This can remove Crunchyroll-incompatible data.

  • Find the cache option in your browser or device settings.
  • Choose to delete cached data.
  • Start your browser or device.
  • Check Crunchyroll again to see if it works.

Method 6: Pop-up Permissions

Some features on Crunchyroll, such as player controls and login windows, may use pop-ups. Avoid blocking Crunchyroll pop-ups and allow Crunchyroll pop-ups in your browser.

  • Go to browser settings.
  • Select pop-up options or preferences.
  • Pop-ups from Crunchyroll should be allowed.
  • Reload Crunchyroll after saving modifications.

Method 7: Crunchyroll Server Verification

Crunchyroll sometimes has server difficulties. Check Crunchyroll’s official social media feeds or status page for server updates. Server issues may need waiting.

  • Check Crunchyroll’s status page or social media for server updates.
  • Wait for Crunchyroll to fix server issues.
  • Retry accessing Crunchyroll after server restoration.

Method 8: Crunchyroll App Update

Check your Crunchyroll app for updates. Outdated apps may have issues or incompatibility. 

  • Find Crunchyroll on Google Play or the Apple App Store.
  • See updates and click “Update”.
  • Let the update finish.
  • Launch updated Crunchyroll.

Method 9: Reinstall Crunchyroll

If updating doesn’t work, delete and reinstall Crunchyroll. This can help you get a clean, updated app without issues.

  • Remove Crunchyroll from your device.
  • Visit your device’s app store.
  • Find “Crunchyroll” and reinstall.
  • Launch the newly installed Crunchyroll.

Step 10: Contact Crunchyroll Support

If none of the following options work, contact Crunchyroll’s customer service. They can help you, examine account-specific issues, and offer customized solutions.

  • Visit Crunchyroll.
  • Select “Contact Us” or “Submit Request” below.
  • Give details about the unauthorized request.
  • Await Crunchyroll’s customer service answer.


How do I fix unauthorized errors?

Securing your account, checking your internet connection, or contacting Crunchyroll support can help you fix unauthorized issues.

Can I use my debit card for Crunchyroll?

Yes, debit cards are usually accepted as a payment method for subscriptions on Crunchyroll.

Why did Crunchyroll charge $1?

Crunchyroll may charge $1 as an authorization hold to validate your payment method before processing subscription payments. This charge is usually transitory and refunded.

Is unauthorized access a risk?

Unauthorized access to your Crunchyroll account might cause streaming quality, legal, and account security issues.

What is an example of unauthorized use?

Sharing your Crunchyroll account with people who don’t have permission to stream simultaneously may violate Crunchyroll’s terms of service.


Crunchyroll unauthorized requests can impair streaming for many reasons. Web browser troubles, internet connectivity issues, and Crunchyroll issues are the main causes.

You must update your web browser, maintain a steady internet connection, and stay updated about platform concerns to prevent these unwanted requests.

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