How to Charge Fitbit without Charger

How to Charge Fitbit without Charger? [5 Easy Methods 2024]

Fitness tracking relies on Fitbit battery life because you check your numbers constantly. Without a charger and a dead battery, it’s frustrating. This article might help you charge your Fitbit and meet your fitness goals if you lose your charger or need creative ideas. Learn how to charge Fitbit without charger using USB ports, power banks, and wireless charging. Keep up with your fitness goals with these Fitbit charging alternatives. Discover practical steps, pros, and cons for each option.

How to Charge Fitbit without Charger?  

Have you lost your Fitbit charger? You can keep your fitness tracker charged and continue your wellness journey without problems by looking into the smart options below.

Using a USB or wall charger

Fitbit connect with USB cable

The wide availability of USB ports and wall chargers makes it easy to recharge your Fitbit without its charger. This is common in homes, offices, and cars.

  • Pick a USB and wall charger.
  • Take off the Fitbit band.
  • Securely connect the Fitbit to the USB or wall charger.
  • Watch your Fitbit’s charging status.


  • USB ports and wall chargers are easy to find.
  • An easy and simple method.


  • Needs a wall charger.

Using a Power Bank

Power Bank

Having a power bank with you can save the day when your Fitbit battery goes down. These compact power banks are ideal for quick recharging on the road.

  • Prepare a charged power bank.
  • Take the Fitbit off your wrist.
  • Ensure a secure connection and connect the Fitbit with a power bank.
  • View your Fitbit’s charge status.


  • Easy to carry and charge while you’re on the go.
  • When regular chargers are unavailable, it provides an alternative.


  • It needs a charged power bank.
  • It might not be good for long-term use.

Using a Wireless Charger

Mobile and Fitbit connected with wireless charger

A cable-free alternative is provided by wireless charging for Fitbit models released more recently. You must make sure your Fitbit supports this feature.

  • Verify that your device can accept a wireless charge.
  • Get a wireless charger.
  • Carefully align your Fitbit to the wireless charger.
  • Your Fitbit’s screen will show charging progress.


  • Cable-free, handy.
  • Reduces cord issues.


  • Not all Fitbits charge wirelessly.
  • Needs a wireless charger.

Using a Laptop or Computer

Laptop connected with Fitbit

If computers or laptops are available, you can use their USB connections as a workable alternative.

  • Find a USB-enabled computer or laptop.
  • Take the Fitbit off its strap.
  • Connect the Fitbit securely to the USB port.
  • Examine the charging status of your Fitbit.


  • Useful in many situations.
  • Makes use of the tools already at hand.


  • Needs a computer or laptop.
  • Power source affects charging speed.


Can I charge my Fitbit with my phone charger?

Fitbit can be charged using a phone charger.

What are the different ways to charge a Fitbit?

Fitbit may be charged via USB, wall chargers, power banks, and wireless chargers in emergencies.

How do I charge my Fitbit wirelessly?

You can charge it wirelessly with a wireless charger compatible with your Fitbit model.

What do I do if I lost my Fitbit charger?

If you lose your Fitbit charger, try USB, power bank, or wireless charging. In addition, you can buy replacement chargers.

What type of charging does Fitbit use?

The Fitbit charging cable has a special connector that fits into the back of the device’s charge port.

How long does Fitbit battery last?

Depending on usage and features, Fitbit batteries can last 4–7 days on a charge.


That’s how to charge your Fitbit without its charger. There is always an option, whether you like to use USB connections, power banks, wireless tricks, or even a homemade coin cell trick. Pick what suits you, watch the pros and cons, and maintain your fitness game strong. 

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